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Hong Kong Beaches

shek o beach tinyHong Kong is dotted with beaches, some of which are wonderful, and great to head to during the long hot summer.

One-day sightseeing tour of Hong Kong from the Peak to Tai Mo Shan

Whistlestop tour of Hong Kong, focusing on hiking and scenery.

Hong Kong city and country

ma on shanA short summary of Hong Kong tourist attractions including hiking trails, a nature reserve, and islands.

Hong Kong Forests

tai po kauThough there are places where wildlife is on the rebound, none is any more than a shadow of Hong Kong's forests past.

Hong Kong Islands

pui o beach tinyimageExploring Hong Kong's islands, you can stroll along narrow streets, hike trails across hills and headlands, admire waterfalls, and relax on beaches.

Hong Kong Geopark (香港地質公園)

jointed tuffThe Hong Kong Global Geopark comprises eight sites in eastern HK.

Second World War relics in Hong Kong

There are many Second World War relics in Hong Kong, several of which are well worth visiting.

Stanley Market, Hong Kong

Best known for its market, Stanley is a pleasant place for strolling around, with highlights including a temple and a small beach.

The Peak, Hong Kong Island (太平山)

high west view to eastVictoria Peak is a great place to walk paths with fabulous views.

Dragon's Back to Big Wave Bay, Hong Kong Island

big wave bayBig Wave Bay is on the relatively wild, east coast of Hong Kong Island, below Dragon's Back.

Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail, HK Island

pillboxesThe Wong Nai Chung Gap Trail is Hong Kong's only battlefield trail.

Kowloon Park (九龍公園)

Kowloon Park (九龍公園) makes for a pleasant green escape from the city streets.

Zoological and Botanical Gardens

The Zoological and Botanical Gardens is one of the loveliest outdoor places within urban Hong Kong.

Kadoorie Farm, New Territories

leopard cat mini imageIf you like scenery, wildlife, and plants, Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (嘉道理農場暨植物園) should be high on your list of places to visit.

Tai Long Wan Sai Kung

tai wanTai Long Wan, on the east coast of the Sai Kung Peninsula, has white sand beaches flanked by rugged headlands.

Ng Tung Chai waterfalls

ng tung chaiNg Tung Chai has a series of waterfalls plunging down the north slopes of Tai Mo Shan.

Tai Mo Shan

tai mo shanHong Kong's highest mountain, Tai Mo Shan, dominates the central New Territories.

Tai Fu Tai Mansion (大夫第)

tai fu taiTai Fu Tai Mansion (大夫第) was probably built in around 1870.

Scenic Shalotung

shalotungSha Lo Tung is a wonderfully tranquil, beautiful place.

Kowloon Hills by taxi

kowloon hillsA narrow road leads up the Kowloon Hills, passing close by Kowloon Peak.

Buffalo Hill

view from buffalo hillViews from Buffalo Hill recall parts of the Scottish Highlands.

Kam Shan

smugglers ridgeA walk over Smuggler's Ridge passes Shing Mun Redoubt - one of Hong Kong's main Second World War relics.

Mau Ping

mau ping trailAn excellent hike from Sai Kung passes the abandoned village of Mau Ping.

Hoi Han Wan (海下灣)

Hoi Ha Wan (海下灣) is one of Hong Kong's best places for hard corals.

Lai Chi Wo (荔枝窩)

lai chi wo thumbThe northeast New Territories encompasses some of Hong Kong's wildest landscapes.

Tai Po Kau Forest

tai po kauThe Tai Po Kau (大埔滘) Nature Reserve is a splendid example of reforestation.

Northeast New Territories Tour

kat oThe Northeast New Territories Island Hopping Tour includes some otherwise hard to reach places.

Hong Kong Wetland Park

wetland park arcticHong Kong Wetland Park is a curious place - habitats small and visitor centre immense.

Ping Shan Trail

Tin Shui Wai station is the starting point of a fine heritage trail, with HK's only historic pagoda.

Clear Water Bay Peninsula

The hilly Clear Water Bay Peninsula lies between Kowloon and Sai Kung.

Sai Kung Peninsula

tai long wan thumbThe beautiful Sai Kung Peninsula (西貢半島) is larger than Hong Kong Island.

Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve

mai poAt Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve you can enjoy impressive wildlife spectacles.

Sam A Tsuen (三椏村)

sam a tsuenSam A Tsuen can be reached by an easy and very pleasant hike.

Nam Sang Wai (南生圍)

nam sang wai thumbNam Sang Wai is part of the Deep Bay wetland.

Sai Kung Threatened Beauty Spots

Sai Kung East Country Park was established in 1978, and protects some of the finest scenery in Hong Kong. You can enjoy vistas and tranquillity that seem far from the madding city. Spend a day here, and you can forget the pressures of work, whether you’re hiking, swimming, surfing, stream scrambling or simply chilling by the beach.

Oh to be in Deep Bay Now That Spring is Here

Deep Bay in northwest Hong Kong is a wetland of international importance, a magnet for migratory waterbirds.

Pak Sha O the Village Where West Saves East

Pak Sha O, a village in the wilds of the Sai Kung Peninsula, seems almost suspended in time.

Ping Shan Heritage Trail at Tin Shui Wai

At Ping Shan, there's a cluster of venerable buildings including two of the grandest ancestral halls and the only ancient pagoda in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Geopark - Realm of the Supervolcano

Hexagonally jointed tuff is the key formation in the Hong Kong Global Geopark, which comprises eight areas in eastern Hong Kong.

Pak Sha O - Hong Kong rural gem

Pak Sha O, a village in the wilds of the Sai Kung Peninsula, seems almost suspended in time.

Revitalising Hong Kong’s Remaining Villages

It may be possible to revitalise Hong Kong villages so they still have rural character and are great places to live – and visit.

Lion Rock w Hong Kong Spirit in the Clouds

Lion Rock is the most iconic peak in Hong Kong.

Pui O, Lantau Island

pui o beachPui O in southeast Lantau has buffaloes, a good beach, and fine scenery.

Cheung Sha beaches, Lantau

cheung shaCheung Sha Wan (長沙灣), Lantau Island, boasts one of Hong Kong's longest beaches.

Ng Yuen (龍仔悟園) Lantau

ng yuenLung Tsai Ng Yuen (龍仔悟園) is a Chinese landscaped garden in southwest Lantau.

Hiking southwest Lantau

southwest LantauSouthwest Lantau boasts some of the finest hiking and scenery in Hong Kong.

Chi Ma Wan Pui O

pui oThere's a pleasant stroll from Chi Ma Wan (芝麻灣) pier to Pui O (貝澳).

Lantau Trail stage4

ngong pingThere is tranquillity to enjoy near Ngong Ping, including along the Lantau Trail.

Tai O, Lantau Island

tai o drying fishTai O  is a good village to explore, on the west coast of Lantau.

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

southwest lantau inc kwun yam templeLantau has been described as, "Hong Kong's biggest and most beautiful island."

Nei Lak Shan Trail, Lantau

skyrailNei Lak Shan Country Trail circuits Nei Lak Shan, above Ngong Ping and the Big Buddha.

Silver Mine Waterfalls at Mui Wo on Lantau Island

silvermine fallThe Silver Mine Waterfall is among the best and most easily reached Hong Kong waterfalls.

Shui Hau n Tong Fuk on Lantau

tong fuk beach tinyimageA trip to the south Lantau coast makes a grand trip on a fine afternoon.

Tai O to Tung Chung, Lantau

tung chung bayThere's a fairly lon but easy coastal walk between Tai O and Tung Chung.

Chi Ma Wan Country Trail on Lantau

The Chi Ma Wan Country Trail loops within the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula, southeast Lantau.

Lantau lowlands

There’s much to see and do on Lantau Island.

Chi Ma Wan Peninsula Coastal and Hill Trails on Lantau

In southeast Lantau, there's an area that's easily overlooked, yet can make for a fine day outing: the Chi Ma Wan Peninsula.

Tung Ping Chau (東平洲)

east tung ping chauTung Ping Chau is set in the east of Mirs Bay.

Po Toi (蒲台島)

po toi viewPo Toi (蒲台島) offers fine hiking, excellent coastal scenery, and is a bird migration hotspot.

Cheung Chau (長洲)

cheung chau beachCheung Chau (長洲) looks tiny on a map yet boasts plenty to see and do in a day.

Lamma Island

Lamma lies just west of Hong Kong Island, and offers a great contrast to the city.

Soko Islands (索罟群島)

tai a chauThe Sokos are a tiny cluster of uninhabited islets south of west Lantau.

Sharp Island (橋咀洲)

sharp islandSharp Island and its neighbours are most popular for swimming at beaches, and snorkelling over coral.

Shek Kwu Chau is a quirky island

shek wu chau statueJust west of Cheung Chau, Shek Kwu Chau (石鼓洲) is one of the quirkier HK islands.

Peng Chau

Peng Chau has echoes of old south China, with paths along coastlines and through farmland.

Tung Ping Chau the Best Flat Island in the World

Look at a map of Hong Kong, and in the northeast corner you should just see Tung Ping Chau – “East Flat Island”, the furthest-flung land in Hong Kong.

Activities in wild Hong Kong

Al Fresco dining in Hong Kong

on kee storeSeveral of my favourite places for eating outside in Hong Kong aren't fancy, but are well cool.

Picnic places in Hong Kong

A selection of top places for a DIY al fresco experience, together with tips for packing the perfect picnic.

HK diving

Hong Kong's rocky reefs and coral communities shelter a diverse and exquisite range of fish and marine fauna

Renting bikes in Hong Kong

A brief summary of places you can rent bicycles in Hong Kong.

HK Mountain Biking

Due to the HK Mountain Bike Association several trails have been opened to the public.

Hiking in Hong Kong

tai long wan hikersHong Kong is a marvellous place for hiking, thanks to its splendid setting.

Hong Kong Wonder Falls

With abundant streams tumbling down Hong Kong hills, there’s a fine variety of waterfalls. The sadly defunct Waterfalls of Hong Kong website listed over 50 waterfall sites across the territory. Some are easy to reach, while others take effort to find, maybe requiring arduous stream trekking.

Hong Kong Night Hiking is Far More Than a Walk in the Dark

As increasing numbers of people are discovering, night hiking may seem a little spooky, but there are rewards a-plenty, including tranquillity, scintillating scenes, respite from daytime heat, fitting in with busy work schedules, and – for some – encounters with snakes.

Five Winter Warmers

With respite from Hong Kong’s summer heat and humidity, winter is great for hiking

Five Fun Family Friendly Outings in Hong Kong Wild Side

Everyone - whether in families or singletons - owes it to themselves to head out and make the most of what Hong Kong's wonderful wilder side has to offer.

Taking wild Hong Kong photos

water lily Hong Kong's outdoors offers a wealth of subjects to shoot - from hills and islands, to waterfalls and wildlife.

Cheung Chau PhotoExplorer

On the Cheung Chau PhotoExplorer, resident and expert photographer Martin Williams will guide you around the village, along coastal trails, and to side trails even few locals know.

Dangerous Snakes in Hong Kong.

This first listing is limited to a review of the DANGEROUS SNAKES in Hong Kong.

Deadliest Hong Kong Animals

cobraA quick look at animals with venom, killer teeth and blades.

Hong Kong's Mysterious Migratory Butterflies

On 31 December last year, researchers trapping butterflies at Deep Water Bay on Hong Kong Island found a Chestnut Tiger with writing on its wings.

Hong Kong birding sites

bee-eaterThere are many good birdwatching locations throughout Hong Kong.

Mai Po birding, Hong Kong

spoonbillMai Po Marshes Nature Reserve is a key part of the internationally important Deep Bay wetland

Beginning birdwatching in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an excellent place for birdwatching.

Watching Black Kites in Hong Kong

black kiteBlack Kites are among the territory’s most familiar birds.

Birdwatching in Hong Kong is a great pastime

You don’t need much equipment to start birdwatching. A pair of binoculars and a field guide will get you started on finding the wealth of species in Hong Kong.

Sea Kayaking Hong Kong

The Sai Kung area is astounding and ideal for sea kayaking, exploring and snorkelling.

Junk trips to Hong Kong islands

Especially in summer, many Hong Kong residents enjoy taking junk rides through inshore waters.

HK sea fishing

Welcome to Hong Kong's first ever offshore and deepsea fishing forum.

Current weather in HK

No current weather data available.

Basic info on HK's wild side

Hong Kong Accommodation outside city

Hong Kong does have some places to stay outside the main urban areas.

Camping and campsites in Hong Kong

While day and evening trips to the Hong Kong countryside are rewarding, a whole new experience awaits if you’re willing to camp.

Buying binoculars

Here's short info I sent someone asking for advice on buying binoculars in Hong Kong:

Mosquitoes in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, mosquitoes are pesky, but currently rarely carry diseases.

Cleaning Indoor Air

Possible ways to clean indoor air a little.

Air filters and masks little help vs severe air pollution

Can you do anything to protect yourself against air pollution? Answer: you can try, but the best way is to have cleaner air; or even move!

Hong Kong Ferries

Ferry companies serving islands in Hong Kong.

HK Taxis

Taxis are abundant in Hong Kong. In most city areas, you'll find just the regular, red taxis; in the mainland New Territories there are green taxis, while blue taxis serve most of Lantau Island.

Hong Kong Buses n Minibuses

 Buses abound in Hong Kong, with even small villages served by regular minibuses.

Sai Kung Minibus
Those who live in Sai Kung and need to get to work early in the morning or those who wish to visit the town for an evening meal can now jump on a RED minibus.
South Lantau Bus

My farourite Hong Kong bus ride is east from Mui Wo to Ngong Ping, heading along the south coast of Lantau Island, then up into the hills.

Octopus Card

If you plan on using public transport, consider getting an Octopus stored value card

Hong Kong Railways
Hong Kong's major rail network is operated by the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) Corporation.
Hong Kong tropical cyclones

nesat wavesHong Kong can be impacted by tropical cyclones including and typhoons.

Hong Kong Typhoons

nesat wavesTyphoons have sometimes caused massive damage and loss of life in Hong Kong.

HK Number 8 Signal

Hong Kong's Number 8 tropical cyclone warning can be controversial.

Forecasters Benefit from Flights into Typhoons

As well as employing computer models and weather station info, the Hong Kong Observatory is employing reconnaissance flights to gather data from within tropical cyclones.

Typhoon Haiyan Lessons for Hong Kong

Typhoon Haiyan was among the strongest storms on record, and devastated a swathe of the Philippines. A storm surge was most damaging; and surges have hit Hong Kong.

As Hong Kong Sizzles the World Keeps Warming

While climate change may have long seemed an issue for hardcore, tree-hugging environmentalists, concerns are spreading.

Typhoon Jebi a Warning for East Lantau Metropolis aka Lantau Tomorrow Vision

You've surely seen the shocking images from Japan last week, including as Osaka's Kansai International Airport was flooded during the passage of Typhoon Jebi (4 September 2018).

Severe Typhoon Mangkhut highlights perils of massive reclamation by Lantau

Typhoon Mangkhut helped show “storm surge” is a threat to modern cities, not just something for the history books.

Mobile phone apps for Hong Kong Outdoors

Free smartphone apps that can be helpful for heading outdoors in Hong Kong.