HK wildlife

Lantau cattle buffalo

Might seem odd "wildlife", yet Lantau's cattle and water buffalo now roam free, and part of the ecosystem.
During recent cold spell, the buffalo importance perhaps highlighted by Pui O becoming a refuge for thrushes, Red-breasted Flycatchers, Daurian Redstarts, Red-flanked Bluetails and other birds - which were finding it tough finding food elsewhere, yet maybe sustained here partly as result of buffalo dung/wetland being still ok for insects.

Rat Snakes wrestling

rat snakes wrestlingOn Cheung Chau this afternoon, saw two big Rat Snakes wrestling.

Also known as a "dance", this is combat between two male snakes, fighting over breeding rights/territory. They rear up, push against each other, twist and push - in this case, at one point forming a circle.

The two broke off - maybe deciding I came too close - and moved off across the stream and into the trees. I reckoned each was around 3 metres long:  large for this species.

Below is a video clip, showing the two snakes in action.