Activities in wild Hong Kong

Al Fresco dining in Hong Kong

on kee storeSeveral of my favourite places for eating outside in Hong Kong aren't fancy, but are well cool.

Picnic places in Hong Kong

A selection of top places for a DIY al fresco experience, together with tips for packing the perfect picnic.

HK diving

Hong Kong's rocky reefs and coral communities shelter a diverse and exquisite range of fish and marine fauna

Renting bikes in Hong Kong

A brief summary of places you can rent bicycles in Hong Kong.

HK Mountain Biking

Due to the HK Mountain Bike Association several trails have been opened to the public.

Hiking in Hong Kong

tai long wan hikersHong Kong is a marvellous place for hiking, thanks to its splendid setting.

Hong Kong Wonder Falls

With abundant streams tumbling down Hong Kong hills, there’s a fine variety of waterfalls. The sadly defunct Waterfalls of Hong Kong website listed over 50 waterfall sites across the territory. Some are easy to reach, while others take effort to find, maybe requiring arduous stream trekking.

Hong Kong Night Hiking is Far More Than a Walk in the Dark

As increasing numbers of people are discovering, night hiking may seem a little spooky, but there are rewards a-plenty, including tranquillity, scintillating scenes, respite from daytime heat, fitting in with busy work schedules, and – for some – encounters with snakes.

Five Winter Warmers

With respite from Hong Kong’s summer heat and humidity, winter is great for hiking

Five Fun Family Friendly Outings in Hong Kong Wild Side

Everyone - whether in families or singletons - owes it to themselves to head out and make the most of what Hong Kong's wonderful wilder side has to offer.

Taking wild Hong Kong photos

water lily Hong Kong's outdoors offers a wealth of subjects to shoot - from hills and islands, to waterfalls and wildlife.

Cheung Chau PhotoExplorer

On the Cheung Chau PhotoExplorer, resident and expert photographer Martin Williams will guide you around the village, along coastal trails, and to side trails even few locals know.

Dangerous Snakes in Hong Kong.

This first listing is limited to a review of the DANGEROUS SNAKES in Hong Kong.

Deadliest Hong Kong Animals

cobraA quick look at animals with venom, killer teeth and blades.

Hong Kong's Mysterious Migratory Butterflies

On 31 December last year, researchers trapping butterflies at Deep Water Bay on Hong Kong Island found a Chestnut Tiger with writing on its wings.

Hong Kong birding sites

bee-eaterThere are many good birdwatching locations throughout Hong Kong.

Mai Po birding, Hong Kong

spoonbillMai Po Marshes Nature Reserve is a key part of the internationally important Deep Bay wetland

Beginning birdwatching in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an excellent place for birdwatching.

Watching Black Kites in Hong Kong

black kiteBlack Kites are among the territory’s most familiar birds.

Birdwatching in Hong Kong is a great pastime

You don’t need much equipment to start birdwatching. A pair of binoculars and a field guide will get you started on finding the wealth of species in Hong Kong.

Sea Kayaking Hong Kong

The Sai Kung area is astounding and ideal for sea kayaking, exploring and snorkelling.

Junk trips to Hong Kong islands

Especially in summer, many Hong Kong residents enjoy taking junk rides through inshore waters.

HK sea fishing

Welcome to Hong Kong's first ever offshore and deepsea fishing forum.