Basic Info on HK's wild side

Hong Kong Accommodation outside city

Hong Kong does have some places to stay outside the main urban areas.

Camping and campsites in Hong Kong

While day and evening trips to the Hong Kong countryside are rewarding, a whole new experience awaits if you’re willing to camp.

Buying binoculars

Here's short info I sent someone asking for advice on buying binoculars in Hong Kong:

Mosquitoes in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, mosquitoes are pesky, but currently rarely carry diseases.

Cleaning Indoor Air

Possible ways to clean indoor air a little.

Air filters and masks little help vs severe air pollution

Can you do anything to protect yourself against air pollution? Answer: you can try, but the best way is to have cleaner air; or even move!

Hong Kong Ferries

Ferry companies serving islands in Hong Kong.

HK Taxis

Taxis are abundant in Hong Kong. In most city areas, you'll find just the regular, red taxis; in the mainland New Territories there are green taxis, while blue taxis serve most of Lantau Island.

Hong Kong Buses n Minibuses

 Buses abound in Hong Kong, with even small villages served by regular minibuses.

Sai Kung Minibus
Those who live in Sai Kung and need to get to work early in the morning or those who wish to visit the town for an evening meal can now jump on a RED minibus.
South Lantau Bus

My farourite Hong Kong bus ride is east from Mui Wo to Ngong Ping, heading along the south coast of Lantau Island, then up into the hills.

Octopus Card

If you plan on using public transport, consider getting an Octopus stored value card

Hong Kong Railways
Hong Kong's major rail network is operated by the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) Corporation.
Hong Kong tropical cyclones

nesat wavesHong Kong can be impacted by tropical cyclones including and typhoons.

Hong Kong Typhoons

nesat wavesTyphoons have sometimes caused massive damage and loss of life in Hong Kong.

HK Number 8 Signal

Hong Kong's Number 8 tropical cyclone warning can be controversial.

Forecasters Benefit from Flights into Typhoons

As well as employing computer models and weather station info, the Hong Kong Observatory is employing reconnaissance flights to gather data from within tropical cyclones.

Typhoon Haiyan Lessons for Hong Kong

Typhoon Haiyan was among the strongest storms on record, and devastated a swathe of the Philippines. A storm surge was most damaging; and surges have hit Hong Kong.

As Hong Kong Sizzles the World Keeps Warming

While climate change may have long seemed an issue for hardcore, tree-hugging environmentalists, concerns are spreading.

Typhoon Jebi a Warning for East Lantau Metropolis aka Lantau Tomorrow Vision

You've surely seen the shocking images from Japan last week, including as Osaka's Kansai International Airport was flooded during the passage of Typhoon Jebi (4 September 2018).

Severe Typhoon Mangkhut highlights perils of massive reclamation by Lantau

Typhoon Mangkhut helped show “storm surge” is a threat to modern cities, not just something for the history books.

Mobile phone apps for Hong Kong Outdoors

Free smartphone apps that can be helpful for heading outdoors in Hong Kong.