Green Buildings

I've received this from Gene Wan, a conservationist living in Seattle whom I earlier met in Hong Kong.

I wanted to update you
on what I have been doing. I've shot some footage of the Seattle
Tilth ( green roof demonstration building and spoken with the
architect in that supervised it. I am still editing the footage and
in the interest of time I will post it on Youtube before I try
adding some Chinese subtitles. I would like to take footage of
other demonstration sites including a completely self-contained
tool shed that collects rainwater and drainage and uses a green roof and other
processing to clean the water enough for washing hands.

The architect for the Seattle Tilth green roof is Mr. Patrick Carey. Here is his website:

He told me he has built green roofs in several location nationwide and internationally including Kuwait. In particular, he has built green roofs in Florida, a southern U.S. state with a tropical climate and the site of many hurricanes, the U.S. equivalent of typhoons. He has worked on international projects in the past, for a fee, usually from the U.S. via the internet. He said he knows of some green roof projects in Asia but did not know of any in HK.

I apologize for the slowness in getting the footage out. I will dedicate more time to it now that my taxes are done.

You might also be interested in this news article in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. It was the oldest of the two main Seattle papers until recently when it switched to an online only format. (The other surviving paper is a conservative one, unfortunately.)[/quote]

When we met in Hong Kong, Gene and I talked about green buildings. He was later kind enough to send me several books on the subject; these are currently on my shelves, and I consider myself like a librarian for the books in HK.

If you have a project that might be able to adopt some green building techniques, and the books may be useful, let me know so you can perhaps borrow them.

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