UK study finds "nature deficit" in kids

A UK study says that "a perception among some adults that nature is dangerous or dirty could be holding children back." (Oddly, the effect is worse in the countryside than cities.  Go figure.)

In Hong Kong, parents, schools and 'society' routinely frighten kids into avoiding anything that doesn't come in packet from a supermarket - scared of butterflies, unwilling to sit - or even walk - on the grass.

What to do?



Fish and marine invertebrates not protected in Hong Kong under WAPO, Cap 170

Hong Kong is a signatory to the Convention on Biological Diversity.

Article 8 (In-situ Conservation), Para (k) of the Convention states Contracting Parties shall:

“Develop or maintain necessary legislation and/or other regulatory provisions for the protection of threatened species and populations”.

Case study - A threatened species in Hong Kong which cannot be protected

Watching the storm roll in

Check out this nice piece of time-lapse video of clouds and rain rolling over Kowloon, initially East to West (across the camera line of sight), but sometimes and later southward into the camera. Kudos to Christopher DeWolf.

"We're Screwed" yells US tabloid, as climate collapses

A recent 'New York Post' takes on climate change in true tabloid style, from the screaming headline, local politics and bad puns, to celebrity gossip and sports news. It may not be 'the real thing' but the climate facts here are truly mind-boggling.

Check it out:

(and some of the threaded follow-ups are as good as the original articles)

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Bicycling in HK and NY - documentary

For the last 18 months, Jack Lam has been making a documentary about bicycle culture in Hong Kong and New York. He has interviewed many Hong Kong cyclists, come to the Ride of Silence, and, I am confident, created something that really help show that Hong Kong can and should embrace cycling as part of its transport system.

"單車樂與路" (Nomads on Wheels) airs this Saturday, 4 July, at 8pm on ATV. It will then be available for view at the RTHK website.

Bicycles on ferries, and in society

In today's HK Economic Journal, 勁翔 highlights the closed minds of First Ferry and the Government towards cyclists. On his way to participate in the Ride of Silence, he was thrown off the Mui-Wo Central ferry because he had the temerity to carry on his folding bike. (Perhaps they thought their ferry couldn't cope with the extra loading?)