New territories hiking,[Macintoshs forts at shatu kok]

Hi everybody, this is my first post so please bear with me, back in 1965 i spent some 14 days OP duties in of theses. I saw a you tube video of what would be a trail that passed the enclosed area, can anybody give me any info regarding what trail still passes these OP buildings all i can remember is the stores went by mule and we legged it up some hundred of steps[ shato kok area, any info would be very well received, many thanks folks.
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I hadn't heard of the forts; googling found Macintosh Forts article on WIkipedia. Mentions six of the seven are in Frontier Closed Area.

The one outside FCA is at Pak Hok Chau, by Mai Po Nature Reserve entrance. I've often seen this one; in past walked around the grounds, which are now closed off.