I'll introduce myself - waterfall pools explorers wanted

Hello I'm a 23yr HK veteran, with (what I consider) a good amateur enthuisiasts understanding of nature and HK trails. I'm 37 and large framed, and also overweight. But I get about enough, could still make it up Sunset Peak but would need a bit more than the sunset as incentive. I love nature with the only thing keeping me from my dream job in the Amazon being the though of sticking my hand in a rotten tree stump to see whats there. What I really love is water, I would walk almost anywhere for a good rockpool. I'll get as sweaty and tired as I need to if I could have a few hours in clear cool swirling water (maybe cool enough to cool down a can of beer!). I'm environmentally friendly and will avoid the WSD catchments if possible (where not I keep them clean). Which leads me nicely into the main reason for this post (apart from saying hello).

In 20 years I swam in about 6-8 HK rockpools. Although some I virtually made a second home of. But in the last 3 years, my brother and I have (with the help of Hong Kong Waterfalls website [sadly, now no more - Martin]) found and swam in 20-30. This year unfortunately my brother will be unable to accompany me. But I'm loathe to go back to the lazy years. With the heat slowly approaching, are there perhaps persons who would like to spend a couple (or more) weekends this summer jumping off rocks and snorkelling hidden pools. Safety is my priority, and friendliness. I'll call a route unsafe before most, and I avoid real danger. If anyones interested or would just like to say hello or discuss their favourite pools, please post.

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Hi there,
I like rock pools a lot and would love to get some information on a particular area on Lantau, maybe you as the specialist can help! We used to go hiking on Lantau many years ago (in 1996), I believe in the south of Lantau and the trail went up the hill where we had several rock pools on different levels, each with a great view of the sea! It was absolutely stunning and I really want to go back there. Being in HKG in early May it would be great if you had some info on that particular location.

There are two similar to your description. And another that overlooks the reservoir, which might have an outside chance of being the one.
One of the two is situated along the access road between Shek Pik and Fan Lau. I haven't been their in years due to it's isolation even for Lantau residents. So I'm assuming the one you mean is the river at the junction of Tung Chung and Lantau roads (on Cheung Sha Beach).
You can access these popular falls either from the beach, the junction (path through the bushes) or the first bridge up Tung Chung Road and walk downstream.
Either way will get you and your indoor orientated girlfriend at the falls in around 10mins. Without breaking a sweat.
[i](quick point - Someone usually judges my route by how easily they can get their better half to the location, this location is the easiest. Although the pools themselves are good, for a bit more work you can get better)[/i]
As kids we used to jump off the large boulder at the NE (and called this location 'Black Rock' - until we discovered Ma On Shan's huge black cliff-face).
We used to love this one for it's convience to one of HK's best beaches, (a party could easily split between the two all day), and great eating and drinking afterwards at either end of Chung Sha Beach. Many of my schoolfriends will never forget this location (wink,wink)
I don't go there as often these days, no longer being a student means Lantau is restricted to weekends (uugghgh! - especially after we enjoyed mid-weeks there). And becoming a rock-pool affecianado means I know of better pools that are closer.

Hi Simon,
Thanks for your quick response. I shall certainly look into finding those places if time permits.. back then it was quite a long hike, which could then be the place you described. I believe it takes more than few days in HKG to fully enjoy those special locations..
Your message made me smile as I can imagine what trekking with some ladies can be like.. and luckily my girlfriend is not "indoor-oriented" ('am still laughing now). She is the one making sure we spend most of the day outdoors and prefers the longer routes, loves to go trekking 6-8 hours in one go... one of the reasons why we're together I suppose..:) With the right maps I shall try to get to those pools!
You're a star, thanks a lot:)

Thanks for the above info; seems I should explore the falls above Cheung Sha some time - maybe before strolling the beach and meal at or by the Stoep.

Perhaps of interest for others reading this thread: there's also a good waterfall south of Tai O. Walk south along coastal trail to Yi O (small bay), then look for a small path leading uphill - goes to bottom of a good fall, which can seem a secret place.


Hello there waterfall and pools enthusiasts!
I'm new to this site and fairly new to HK.
I absolutley love water and was thrilled to discover this posting.
I'd be very much interested in exploring waterfalls and pools, particulary with someone / people with knowledge of these places.
With summer round the corner, the timing couldn't be better!
Get in touch!

I'm waiting for the summer monsoon to end (which may have just arrived), then allow 1-2weeks for the water to clear.
Then I'm off.
I work freelance so I can get away mid-week occasionally. But will consider weekend hikes if the location isn't a popular one.
My first will probably be a summer celebration at Siu Sai Wan Beach, Sai Kung. Great rockpool, great beach and a cafe nearby.
Then the next week I'll be off to find a suspected pool in the upper reaches of the same river. There is a good isolated pool nearby with great jumps and black depths (even with mask) nearby so there will be no dissapointments. Although I'll be coming at it from above and there may be no safe route down to the sure-thing. But it'll only be a 15/20 min uphill back to the path.
And the week after that I want to try a hidden valley in Plover Cove with a faunal secret, to see the pothole jump again. There have been arguments about the sanity of doing it. But mainly to get acroos the pool which stopped us last time and see if the route from the top is easier.
As we get closer to the time, let us know if your still interested.

Thank you Simon for the very quick reply!
End of summer monsoon would be Aug / Sept?
Presumably the rock pools are pretty insignificant before the monsoon?
(And also the waterfalls?)
I work during the week so unfortunately can only get away at the weekends.
Would definitely be interested in coming along to the places in Sai Kung you just mentioned.
Am toying with the idea of trying out the waterfalls / rockpools described in the earlier threads in Lantau this weekend - any advice at all?
Lastly, do you know what happened to hkwaterfalls.net ?

End of 'summer monsoon' will be in about 1 - 2 weeks hopefully. The summer monsoon is when we have 2 weeks of rain before the heat and humidity hit us full on. After this the rivers will need time to cleanse themselves clear again. again 1 - 2 more weeks.
Then the party ends in Oct/Nov with the 'winter monsoon' (cold winds)
Many of the country parks pools have a watershed of subtropical rainforest, and only halve in flow during the dry winter months and should still be good for swimming. Although most mountain drainage spurs will be dry.
For Lantau, I will discuss with friends about tackling the best one this summer and arrange a day.
The easiest one which is just OK is at the junction of Tung Chung and Cheung Sha roads at Cheung Sha beach. It's a doddle and is great fun for the beach, and nearby pubs. My advice would be watch the weather forecast. I'm hoping this week will be a washout with flooding (summer monsoon).

HKwaterfalls closed down.
try this instead http://www.hkadventurer.com/ more info but you have to look harder for it.

Thanks again for the very useful info.
If I mangage any of them in Lantau this weekend I'll let you know how it goes.
Do let me know when make a start, I'd be very interested.
Btw I'm not the fastest / most mobile hiker (back plays up now and again) Age 35, so not geriatric yet! Is that ok?

I'm the same in terms of pace.
I could walk all day on the flat, but will stop when and where I like on the uphill. My excuse will usually be that it's a good spot for wildlife. If I have to walk over a crest and down again to go upwards then you'll hear me muttering under my breath.

That sounds good. I'm not so much interested in covering big distances, and prefer flats and soft gradients too. The main thing for me is the water (but I understand that in order to get to the water, it may sometimes involve some steeper gradients...)

Explored the Cheung Sha and San Shek falls/rockpools today - both pretty dry - definitely could not swim, but scrambling up the dry beds was still fun. Had a swim in Cheung Sha Beach afterwards.
Rain is forecast for next week though...!

The falls by Tai O last week were very good - good rockpools...!

[i]edit: some hiatus moving to new webhost, then "back" to original host; in process, lost post from Ben, inc:[/i]
[quote]Found the waterfall / rockpool at Tai O on Sunday - great fun but too tired at the end to go to the one at Cheung Sha Beach as well. Enthusiasm is now really high - let me know when you set off on your explorations Simon! [/quote]
[quote]- Martin[/quote]

There is meant to be a sort of manmade structure which has become a pool close to Tai O too - think will go there next week - want to join?

Not this weekend but the following sunday I wouldn't mind a rockpool hunt.
The long anticipated monsoon just hit, which means I'll not be trekking drainage ravines for a week. But after that wild horses couldn't keep me from them.
Glad you squeezed in a couple of trips before the rains but after the heat.

Great - with all the rain this week (and some isolated showers predicted for next week) I'm sure there'll be more than enough water.

Just hope the water won't be too stirred up and the hike up the rocks won't be too slippery!

I've been meaning to post, note that I believe June is the main month for summer rains.
No shortage of rain this week, so falls should be impressive.
Visiting during/immediately after deluges can be rewarding, tho - I think - only for those falls with easy, safe access to vantage points, like the Bride's Pool and Mirror Pool falls, and Silvermine Bay fall (lower one; there's a better, higher fall I'm told, tho less easy to reach).

Sad re demise of Hong Kong Waterfalls website; just googled for '"daniel chan" waterfalls', but no results suggesting he's started a new site, or put his info elsewhere.

I've seen hkadventurer; various outings over tough for me, esp when I'm at times prone to carry camera gear inc tripod; Dragon Ball fall, on Wang Chung Stream, looks a good one - near Bride's Pool, but a little to south. Revisiting the site, I see they've added "Easy Walks".

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another post from Ben, from 9 June (went astray during a move to a new webhost):

Great day out at Pak Tam Chung yesterday thanks to the great weather (sunny, breezy and not a drop of rain in sight), the great falls (all the more dramatic because of the recent torrential rains) and Simon's great skills as a guide.

Trekked through the streams, swam in the pools, dangled down ravines and got eaten alive by mosquitoes in the sluggish part of the river...

Great day out though - thanks Simon!

- as I write this, loads of rain falling; waterfalls should be full to bursting

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A couple of weekends ago, went on family outing (inc pushchair) to Mui Wo, Lantau, mainly to see the Silver Mine Falls after all the rain.

This is one of the one of the most easily reached of our top waterfalls; good views even from a small pavilion at the bottom. There's an even more impressive fall higher up, tho harder to get to, with barely a path (I'm told; seen it from afar, yet to go there).

silver mine fall 

hi martin
the waterfall sounds great
could you give me more specific directions -i have tried looking up for maps without much luck
couple of us are planning to go to tai this weeke

and we would love to visit your water spot



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If you mean on Lantau, ("tai" ??), short article here should help:



Hey all i've been in h.k for 1 yr now i come from Cairns Australia and I was always gettin out to good spots for jumping swimming and D.I.Y white water rafting.
I have been to the good jumping spot at sai kung near saiwan beach and also just recently i have checked out brides pool falls spent most my time there at the top of the big waterfall there where i found a testing place to jump from about a 6-7m drop you have to jump out and over a rock and land in a confined area that is very deep 4m+ i never found out. But anyway what i really want to find is places where we can jump in h.k 10m+ Are there any, as long as the water is min 2m deep i'd give it a go.

I am fairly new to hong kong and would love to go stream hiking. It is summer time once again, are you still available for the occasional explore?