La Nina may mean typhoons nearer HK and cooler drier autumn

As perhaps the strongest El Nino on record declines, it may well be that by autumn could be swinging back to La Nina - with water cooler in eastern Pacific, warmer in the west.

Possible because this has happened with previous El Nino events; also now report of cold water below Pacific moving towards east, set to reach surface:ña-coming-deep-pool-cool-water-making-its-way-across-tropical

For Hong Kong, can be impacts including with more chance of typhoons nearby [or right over...]:

During La Niña, tropical cyclones in August-October are likely driven by an anomalous steering flow into the South China Sea and hence more tropical cyclones are likely to affect Hong Kong compared to the ENSO-neutral state.

Some chance, too, Hong Kong will be drier than normal in late summer and autumn, with somewhat cooler autumn and winter.

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