Hong Kong Rural Tourism Forum 17 May 2006

Info here on meeting I'm helping to organise: Hong Kong Rural Tourism Forum - Wednesday 17 May 2006 Are you involved in rural tourism? Perhaps you run a small restaurant, a hostel, or even a museum, or you guide visitors, showing them Hong Kong beyond the city. If so, you know that although Hong Kong’s main tourism industry focuses on city attractions such as shopping and dining, there is widespread rural tourism – with the “tourists” mainly Hong Kong people heading out on weekends and public holidays. The Rural Tourism Forum is a chance for you to meet other people working on tourism around Hong Kong, from areas including Sai Kung and Lantau Island. By participating, you’ll have a chance to discuss aspects of tourism beyond the city, such as: • Ways to achieve success – how can you improve your business? • Pitfalls to avoid; • The potential of rural tourism; • Can rural tourism help Hong Kong’s natural environment and culture? and • What are the main problems facing rural tourism across Hong Kong – and potential solutions? Should the forum be followed by contacts with government departments and tourism industry organisations, who can help to nurture Hong Kong’s rural tourism, and by further meetings? Organized by the Rural Tourism Committee of the Coalition on Sustainable Development, supported by the Business Environment Council. Primary language: Cantonese. Venue: Business Environment Council, Jockey Club Environmental Building, 77 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon (near Kowloon Tong MTR station). Time: 3-5pm on 17 May 2006. 香港鄉郊旅遊座談會 二零零六年五月十七日 星期三 你與鄉郊旅遊有關連嗎?假若你經營一間小餐廳、一所小旅舍、又或是一個展覽館,或者你是導遊、帶領遊客參觀香港市區以外的東西。你也許知道香港旅遊業的重點雖然集中於市區的項目、如購物及飲食,但還有廣佈各處的鄉郊旅遊點、其主要遊客、則為那些於周末及假日外出活動的香港人。 鄉郊旅遊座會能讓你接觸到香港各地區從事旅遊業的人、包括西貢及大嶼山。参與座談會‧你將有機會討論到有關鄉郊旅遊的事項。例如: ¨ 踏上成功之路 – 如何改善你的業務? ¨ 避免墮進陷阱; ¨ 鄉郊旅遊帶來的商機; ¨ 鄉郊旅遊可否改進香港的自然環境與文化?及 ¨ 香港各地區的鄉郊旅遊事業面對那些疑難問題及其可能的解決方法? ¨ 需否與政府部門接觸作為這研討會的延續,又誰能協助培育香港的鄉郊旅遊業? 此座談會會由商界環保協會支持下之可持續旅遊發展聯盟 - 鄉郊旅遊工作小組主辨 主要語言 :廣東話 塲地 :商界環保協會,九龍達之路77號賽馬會環保樓(近九龍塘地鐵站) 時間 :二零零六年五月十七日下午三時至五時
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