Explore Wild HK team

Meet the team behind Explore Wild Hong Kong!

Explore Wild Hong Kong! Team

Meet the team, chief sponsor Cathay Pacific, other sponsors, locales and all the fantastic people who are helping us to film and produce Hong Kong's first ever outdoor tourism documentary.

The Crew

Charles Frew (Host/Producer)

 An experienced professional in the diving and marine industry, Charlie is actively involved with shark conservation, shark diving, underwater filming and marine awarenes. An award-winning videographer, his overseas assignments with international film companies have taken him to some of the remotest regions of Asia Pacific in search of elusive and spectacular marine life. He has his own company, Asiatic Marine.

Martin Williams (Script/Producer)

Martin has been in Hong Kong for nigh-on 18 years, freelancing as chiefly a writer and photographer with a strong interest in conservation - spurring him to establish this website. Worked for magazines including Reader's Digest. A keen birder, Martin also does some environmental assessment work. You can read several of his articles and see photos on this site, and on Dr Martin Williams.

Antony Frew (Camera/Director)

Antony's first experience in film-making was with Gladiator; he was a chef ("I fed the Roman army!"), and realised he wanted to make movies. Based in Portugal, he's now a production manager, chiefly for advertisements, also worked on set of the delightfully titled Snatch, and on a recently completed movie that should be on general release in the UK during 2005.

The sponsors

Cathay Pacific Airways
A huge thank you to our principal sponsor, Cathay Pacific Airways.

In particular, we would like to thank Environmental Services Manager Linden Coppell, and the Marketing Department of Cathay Pacific for being incredibly generous and supportive towards this project. And yes we are still looking for the 'Eagles'.
Website: Cathay Pacific Airways

Columbia Sportswear Company
The team thanks Columbia Sportswear Company/Swire Resources for supplying the host and team with much needed outdoor all weather gear.Look out for those product placement shots!
Website: Columbia Sportswear Company

Scubapro Asia Pacific
Our thanks to Cherry for sorting us out with some much needed vests to keep us warm against the 'cold' seawater of Sai Kung.
Not that the film team really need all these creature comforts.

Website: www.Scubapro.com 

On Location

Hong Kong International Airport
Allowed us to film an opening sequence in the airport.

Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve

Many thanks to the World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong, for permission to film at Mai Po Marshes Nature Reserve. We are grateful to Lew Young for helping with arrangements, and Bena Smith for assisting us and making all those birds perform for us ... apart from the ducks.

MTR Corporation
We would like to thank the MTR for giving us permission to film, and for assistance as we filmed Charlie buying an Octopus card, then heading for a train, and disappearing.
Website: MTR Corporation

Hong Kong Dolphinwatch
A very special thankyou to Tak Ching, Shiu and all those wonderful bubble gum pink dolphins that put on an amazing display for us. Some of the close up footage looks really good.
Website: Hong Kong Dolphinwatch 

Had a grand time boating and kayaking with Paul of kayak-and-hike.com, aka Natural Excursion Ideals. It was a blast!
Website: Natural Excursion Ideals

Asiatic Marine
We are indebted to Asiatic Marine for allowing us to use the most photographed boat in Hong Kong "Mojo'. The boat makes a great support vessel for all types of ocean activities and is fully equipped for underwater/topside filming.

Website: www.asiaticmarine.com

Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden
Thanks, also, to Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden for permission to film there, and to helpful staff including Dr Chiu Sein Tuck, Ann Houng and Karin.
Website: Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden


Hong Kong Transport Department
We would like to thank Rachel Wong for being super efficicent in issuing us with Lantau Road Permits and in doing so allowing us access to some of the remoter sites for this film. We'll get you a copy of the film as soon as its finished.

Loy Ho
Thanks to Loy Ho, founder of the Lantau Post and the Lantau Arts Festival, for joining us at Pui O to tell us about the feral buffalo and the attractions of living in Pui O.

Patrick Cho
Patrick Cho of the Cheung Chau Rural Committee met Charlie on the Cheung Chau waterfront, for a brief chat, and a cold beer.
Website: Cheung Chau Rural Committee

Wing, Shui Hau
Wing of Fung Wong Holiday Bungalows in Shui Hau was a very welcoming host when we stayed overnight on Lantau.

Yau Ley restaurant
Simon, manager of the Yau Ley restaurant east of Sai Kung was helpful as we shot short sequence showing him greeting Charlie; other staff helped us too, inc as we filmed in the kitchen, and stayed overnight.

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