Reply To: Lantau plan: related snippets


SCM Post today has article saying Shenzhen life is marred by food, smog and traffic
– get bad-air days; acid rain; dirty rivers
Comes not long after the mayor (I believe) told a visiting British politician that Shenzhen’s ways were unsustainable; need change if to remain a viable place.

So, which would HK people prefer for Lantau?
– developments akin to Shenzhen (and Kwai Chung); or more along lines of ark-eden?
Hopefully, can get messages out, see what HK people would really prefer.

Mind you, I’ve also read that the bridge construction should start by end of this year. (Anyone in HK except Gordon Wu and Henry Tang agree to this?) Once that’s started, surely other projects will be rolled out; gotta recoup that bridge money somehow.

Video of nasa satellite images here, showing Shenzhen’s rapid growth – and obliteration of much greenery. Seems to me growth along north Lantau could be as fast, and as greenery smothering.