article here on daft development projects – and env woes – in Pearl River delta, in 1999; mentions the Zhuhai Int Airport, which cost US$240 million, yet handles only few flights a day – wasn’t expected to break even till 2005 :

Zhuhai again, in autumn 2003, dreaming of development as eastern Pearl River delta and hoping the bridge will be key:

(while HK, to me, needs this bridge like a hole in the head)

If the HK-Macau-Zhuhai Bridge, nw Lantau container terminal and n Lantau theme park are built, will they add to the white elephants in the Pearl River delta? – draining on economies, damaging to environment?

HK, of course, has already added its own white elephants to those in the delta – Cyberport, for instance, is a shining example.