Reply To: Lantau plans – an email to govt


I have just found your site after a web search on the South Lantau Development project. The project seems to be now in full swing. I was hiking along Section 11 of the Lantau trail (the catchwater leading to the Tung Chung road) when I heard the sound of a donkey engine. I rounded the corner to see the Highways Dept taking core samples from both sides of a deep gully above Cheung Sha. When I asked why they were doing this, I was told that they were building a road bridge. Knowing nothing of the South Lantau plan at that time, I was amazed as to why they would build a bridge in the middle of bush above a catchwater. Only after doing some web research I have discovered that they are re-aligning the newly widened Tung Chung road so that it “lands” into Cheung Sha, thus abanding the twisty section that runs up from the south Lantau road. I guess this is all part of the plan… Are there any detailed plans of these things such as major road re-alignments? All I can find are some general sketches in publicity pamphlets. Surely there must be plans we can see at some Govmt office…