Reply To: Lantau plans – an email to govt



Thx for posting my question to Clive. I now have a great deal of information about the project now. It has been a relevation to me now that I’m semi-retired and able to escape the Discovery Bay ‘bubble’. (Living as I have done in DB for 10 years, just proves how much of a bubble it is!)

I guess the Tung Chung road alignment is a done deal, which probably will turn out for the best. However, looking at the concept map for Lantau, I’m not at all sure about “Nodes” and the proposed amusement park are welcome, as you have pointed out. BTW, I spoke to a new owner of an apartment in Caribbean Coast hi-rise in TC who was very unhappy about a spare plot of land near his flat that has been earmarked for the main equipment and holding site for the construction materials for the Macau/Zuhai bridge… Seems lots of TC owners are getting upset. Ian