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Taken me some time, but after an email request from Living Island Movement, I’ve at last sent emails to various HK govt departments regarding the Soko Islands.

Sent the following to (and here, I’ve amended email addresses so hopefully spammers’ robots won’t read):
Environmental Protection Department – Dr. Mike Chui , Director of EPD (Actg) – enquiry AT
Economic Development and Labour Bureau – Stephen IP GBS JP, Secretary for… edb At
Environment Transport and Works Bureau – Dr. Sarah Liao JP, Secretary for …. etwbenq AT
Advisory Council on the Environment – Professor LAM Kin-che, Chairman of … etwbenq AT
LegCo Environmental Affairs Panel – Hon. CHOY So-yuk, Chairman of… sychoy AT
LegCo Planning Lands and Works Panel – Hon. Patrick Lau Sau-shing SBS JP, Deputy Chairman of… patricklau AT

– maybe you can send similar.

I am writing to express my concern re the possible LNG terminal on the Soko Islands.

As I am sure you are aware, this may benefit CLP for a few years, but would otherwise be a retrograde step for Hong Kong. (Has anyone calculated how much it would cost to restore the Sokos once the terminal is finished with? Such costs should be borne by CLP, and should be factored into any benefit analyses.)
As the attached photo indicates, the Soko Islands are highly attractive. I took it a few years ago – and the low buildings of the Tai A Chau detention centre are visible, indicating that an LNG terminal would significantly blight the landscape.

Instead, I believe the Sokos should be retained as one of our few (two?) remaining clusters of relatively wild islets that are well worth visiting for hiking, enjoying beaches and scenery etc. Further, I believe the marine park should be established.
Over time, such measures would make the Sokos valuable to Hong Kong, in part as a destination for local people, and – potentially – for overseas visitors.

Yours sincerely,
Dr Martin Williams

Hong Kong Outdoors


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