Reply To: Aberdeen to be Disneyfied – HK concrete tourist attractions


Quick answer:

Well, improving blighted areas seems good idea.
But when money’s limited, best to focus on certain ones – and I’m afraid Aberdeen wouldn’t be my top choice: just too many problems, and no longer a great place for a fisherman’s wharf type attraction.

Can think of city buildings and streets that surely deserve attention, and which could become genuine attractions: market streets, streets and buildings with real Hong Kong character (Wanchai, north Kowloon etc).
Not sure always have to dictate re being “green” or whatever: but something akin to keep it real: take living area, do some improvements, and have it still pulsing with life. Not, say, create some phony marketplace as at Ngong Ping!

Rather similar in rural areas: can help with villages etc, as well as help our natural environment.

But purse strings not held by people with many such sensibilities.
Instead, get schemes like Wetland Park, Aberdeen plans, Ngong Ping ersatz village-thing, harbour reclamation (bringing the harbour to the people by, err, filling in even more harbour!).
Might be a little hope after furore over Star Ferry and Queen’s piers; and that garden that was saved from concreting a few months ago (in western NT?)