Reply To: Proposed Hong Kong Air Quality Objectives Not Focused on Public Health


Had couple of responses to article.

From Christine Loh, of Civic Exhange:

Yr issue about the high number of ‘Westerners’, this is true if you use the ratio of Chinese vs. non-Chinese in the population i.e. you would then only expect about 3% of the audience being non-Chinese. But this is hardly the point – because you would probably also be able to say there was a high proportion of people from the universities; or there was a high proportion of people representing various green groups, or you can even go further and say among the people from universities, there was a high proportion of those from the public health schools. The proportion in terms of total numbers in the population is really not the right focus on highlight (if I may say so). Those who showed up were people who knew about the event, who could be there (i.e. they could take time off work, or that going is a part of their work), and were very concerned about the issue. Your juxtaposition of Chinese vs. non-Chinese just perpetuate the false impression that the Chinese do not care (as evidence by our survey published in Jan).

– I did note in reply to Christine that I mentioned people may care but feel helpless; plus Fri aft not a good time to attend meeting. Hardly a "public" forum. Also just sent her:

My point remains valid: notably as so few regular folk in the audience.

Here we are, with massive health issue, and it’s one for eggheads and greenies, to try n counter government inertia. This is really, really woeful in my view; I also noted dearth of media – compare starlets who’ve been in porno pix rumpus.

– following further email from Christine, I’ve moved point re audience composition to end of article; plus link to report on survey finding Hongkongers are concerned about air pollution but don’t publicly raise concerns.

Also, re consultant Ove Arup, been sent:

They delivered a report with statements approved by Government.

They are also the consultants on many other Government projects.

No independence.

Plus, sent item saying Ove Arup awarded contracts for design of Hong Kong – Macau – Zhuhai Bridge.

This would seem to me a massive conflict of interest: The Bloody BIg Bridge will increase pollution, esp as dirty vehicular traffic; then developments Lantau, and – more importantly – Zhuhai.