Reply To: Are you scared of mountain bikers?


It would be nice to bike through country parks, but unless proper bike roadways are used with traffic markings and signs and adjacent footpaths with barriers it’s just not feasible in Hong Kong. Sorry.
As for mountain bikes, NEVER, NEVER should they be allowed off the concrete. In fact I don’t believe they should be in country parks at all. If we cannot ban them completely, then they should require licences obtainable only with a mountain bike association membership card, kept to the absolute minimum number of trails, only on concrete and a low speed limit should be rigidly enforced.
Hong Kong is just not the place for mountain bikes, just like it’s not the place for an F1 GP. So learn to live with it. Too many people use too few trails as it is. Enough problems are being caused by feet (re: controversy between hikers and government over use of concrete) which can be easily seen on many hill trails. Mountain bike wheels, God forbid.
The countryside is for people, we just do not have the resources to allow unrestricted use and abuse of any part of Hong Kong.