Reply To: Offshore Fishing


I’m still surprised that nobody seems to know about the fantastic fishing we have in Hong Kong. I have been trolling offshore 20-90 miles away and back for over 10 years now and have caught several species of tuna, mahi mahi, rainbow runner, wahoo, baraccuda, amberjack, cobia, longtom, sailfish (once released 4 at the same time) and marlin. I even swam with a whaleshark on one outting.

I have written stories about the fishing which have appeared in Marlin Magazine in the U.S. as well as for local magazines in Chinese and have been in the Apple Daily holding fish. I have also updated fishbase with pictures and information of fish to be found near Hong Kong.

The season runs from around March to end of October with sorties taken outside of those dates when the N.E. monsoon has been quiet for a couple of days.

Hope you find a way to get offshore and experience the great, although relatively small in size, sportfishing available in the South China Sea. Try “googling” hong kong sportfishing.

Hank Terrebrood