Reply To: Typhoon Megi to impact Hong Kong


Megi is still heading north; outer rainbands clearly visible on Hong Kong Observatory radar (within 280km). Yet, no storm signal issued in Hong Kong. Some complaints about this on Weather Underground forum; even suggestions it may be as issuing signals can upset big businessmen.

HK Obs' own info on T1:

"This is a stand-by signal, indicating that a tropical cyclone is centred within about 800 km of Hong Kong and may affect the territory."

Absurd not to follow this – in the past have been several occasions when "standby" signal issued and not a lot then happened, and that's fair enough. Didn't feel the Observatory lost face by issuing signal, nor did business suddenly shut down or anything.

Now, major typhoon, forecast to at least be close enough to bring some strong winds and rain – which means it surely will affect HK.

Issuing T1 by time a storm actually is affecting Hong Kong goes against intent of "standby" signal.

The wind is freshening here on Cheung Chau (doesn't look as if that's the case checking real time wind records, yet trees blowing about more with wind whistling through them, sea is somewhat rougher): combination of ne monsoon and typhoon?

As far as procrastination goes, I'd wonder if storm surge scenario really seemed possible or starting: would people in areas like Tolo Harbour get info in time?Also:

S China Morning Post today had story on places in S China, including Hainan, preparing for the typhoon. Some evacuations underway.

I know we stay put in Hong Kong, yet seemed odd there wasn't mention of any preparation locally.

Latest 256-km radius radar image here:

megi rainband on radar

And here, 2pm forecast track from China's National Meteorological Center:

megi track by nmc