Reply To: New Moth, Hong Kong Endemic, under immediate threat from habitat loss


Anonymous 2:

Thank you for the comment, though note that you veer towards personal attacks – whilst under cover of anonymity.

It would have been useful to note if you have a personal stake in Hoi Ha issues, leading to your adopting an air of been well informed whilst making silly errors

– for instance, no one has said this is the only site for the moth; but the only known viable colony. The precautionary principle is widely adopted; accusations of "pseudo science" are not only insulting to the people posting who have given names, but also indicate ignorance of conservation on your part. Anyone reading this thread will realise Roger Kendrick is a leading scientific authority on Hong Kong moths – a little googling helps reinforce this; readers might question whether you, Anonymous 2, have any comparable expertise.

Further, your post is fuzzy in referring to other organisations, and other species of conservation significance.