Planners and our life support systems

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    Editorial in The Statesman (India) – [url=]ENVIRONMENT CRISIS: Modern Minds Need To Understand Basics Of Life-Support Systems[/url] seems well applicable to Hong Kong, including the Big Silly Projects being planned for Lantau, especially. Says,

    Urban economists and planners have created an Earth-destroying civilisation. Even in rural land and water-based societies, they plan as if the Earth’s eco-systems did not exist, and departmental outlays replace Earth’s life-support systems.


    All this is hardly new. Whole developed civilisations have vanished with ecological decline. Mesopotamia is a conspicuous example. In its heyday, two to four millennia ago, its population was reported to be 34 million. Modern Iraq’s population is about half of that. Modern, urban minds need to understand the basics of life-support systems.
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