Zoological & Botanical Garden gems

please can someone back up my memory - an observant frequent visitor or maybe staff -

1) is there a small bear or panda hiding in bamboo on the ground - or been moved elsewhere - looks like ivory or pale yellowed ivory color marble?

2) where ... and how are .... the two jaguars or panthers which were bred there some years ago, and relocated to China?

3)  is the small deer in the Pacific Place rainforest from the Gardens?

Bamboo Pit Viper on Hong Kong Trail near Wanchia Gap Road.

Just sharing some great pics a friend took on the HK trail 4 nights ago.  Nearly stepped on this fully grown Bambo Pit viper... near Phase 2 of the HK trail... around 10pm.

Pics taken with a mobile phone, trying to upload multiple images but don't know if the program will let me.

Best to watch were you step at night in these hills.....