Migrations of Hong Kong ducks revealed by satellite tracking

WWF Hong Kong press release, on study showing ducks wintering in Hong Kong travel impressive distances, with one wigeon flying 2000km in a single flight:

The first phase of a multi-partner project to track the global movements of Hong Kong's wild ducks has ended successfully. The 12-month period of satellite tracking discovered that coastal regions of the Yellow Sea are critical staging areas for Hong Kong's ducks within the East Asia-Australasian Flyway (EAAF), and that these ducks require a diverse range of wetland habitats scattered across many countries to complete their migration.

"The Hong Kong ducks clearly undertake epic migration journeys and rely on a wide range of inland and coastal wetland habitats. The Yellow Sea in particular appears crucial as a staging area for over 90% of the duck, and we observed the importance of protected wetlands to complete their migration," said Bena Smith, WWF-Hong Kong Mai Po Reserve Manager.

White-bellied Sea-Eagle in Wanchai

eagle wanchaieagle in wanchaiI've been sent info on and photos of an adult White-bellied Sea-Eagle, perching on bamboo scaffolding just west of Convention Centre.
Attracted by reclamation work leading to prey being readily available?? Plus good vantage point.

Seen by John Saeki; he reckons there a month ago, but was there yesterday and today. Shot at top left by John; other shot by Martin Megino.

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Top Ten HK birds

Here's a definitive list of the top ten Hong Kong birds.
(Well, ok, this is subjective; but ten top species for sure.)

Criteria include global status, appearance, relationship to HK.