I'm wonder what is the best time to visit butterfly valley near Hong Kong. When there are as many species as possible and if it is safe for photographers to stay there ( I think about snakes, spiders , wild animals ... ) Which place is the best for photographers? I did many photos of various butteflies in Poland - my gallery www [dot] nature-pictures.org/en/Butterfly-photos/ and would like to visit place with exocit species now.

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Autumn butterfly migration in Hong Kong

After seeing some evidently migrant butterflies at Mai Po this past autumn, I've had some correspondence with Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society; perhaps of interest:
Maybe of some interest that in autumn (sorry, don't recall date; Oct or Nov) I saw maybe a hundred or so butterflies - danidae I believe - just on north side of border fence at Mai Po; they were in a place where the fence curves south, and several were flying against the fence, on southwest corner. Migrants I expect, caught by the fence, and trying to continue flights towards the southwest.
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