cheung chau

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Cheung Chau is a small yet fascinating island, offering a chance for a wonderfully varied day trip. There's a village beside a harbour that's home to one of Hong Kong's largest fishing fleets, and with the three-storey houses arrayed along narrow streets it has an almost Mediterranean atmosphere. The only car is a police car.

Cheung Chau outings

Though just three kilometres (1.8 miles) long, Cheung Chau boasts plenty of variety for visitors. In the middle is an easy–going village, with few buildings higher than three storeys, narrow streets, and no cars except the scarcely seen police car. West of the village is a harbour that’s home to Hong Kong’s main fishing fleet; there are beaches to the east, and to north and south are granite hills with convoluted coastal trails.

1-2hrs travelling; 2-5 hrs strolling