HK BSAP fiddles while sixth mass extinction proceeds

"Avoiding a true sixth mass extinction will require rapid, greatly intensified efforts to conserve already threatened species, and to alleviate pressures on their populations - notably habitat loss, over-exploitation for economic gain and climate change," the study's authors write.

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Illegal felling n harvesting devastating HK incense trees

For centuries, the resinous wood inside incense trees, agarwood, has been prized in East Asian religions, art and geomancy. But a recent surge in demand has raised the price of the internationally protected wood so drastically that it is sometimes worth more than its weight in gold. This temptation has drawn illegal loggers into Hong Kong, where the threat is not only environmental but also cultural. ...
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Conservation Boring and Out of Touch

Not a new argument from me; or indeed within the conservation “movement”. But seems timely, given a few recent conversations, including with a journalist friend who remarked on environment being “boring” even though important to him.

Such things may not matter to you if you’re involved in the environment simply as a job, or to score some political points.

But if you care about change for the better, slowing the destruction of our natural world, surely of huge importance to consider.

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Changing baselines vs biodiversity conservation support

I've seen biologists refer to "changing baselines" - in which depleted natural environments can become accepted as normal, perhaps reducing support for conservation as many people barely realise what's missing.

Biodiversity and Hong Kong city parks

I was recently among a small group of people from Living Cheung Chau and the Association for a Beautiful Hong Kong who visited an urban park in north Cheung Chau together with a team from the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD). Our primary focus was on recently installed railings – as a Living Cheung Chau member believed far more had been added than was really necessary.

Hong Kong EIA system sucks

Informative yet sad article from Edwin Lau, Friends of the Earth, in today's South China Morning Post:

Environmental watchdog needs to rebuild trust
Edwin Lau calls for more transparency in the review process of the Advisory Council on the Environment, to help the public better understand its decisions and rebuild people's trust in its role as a gatekeeper