Bicycling in HK and NY - documentary

For the last 18 months, Jack Lam has been making a documentary about bicycle culture in Hong Kong and New York. He has interviewed many Hong Kong cyclists, come to the Ride of Silence, and, I am confident, created something that really help show that Hong Kong can and should embrace cycling as part of its transport system.

"單車樂與路" (Nomads on Wheels) airs this Saturday, 4 July, at 8pm on ATV. It will then be available for view at the RTHK website.

Bicycles on ferries, and in society

In today's HK Economic Journal, 勁翔 highlights the closed minds of First Ferry and the Government towards cyclists. On his way to participate in the Ride of Silence, he was thrown off the Mui-Wo Central ferry because he had the temerity to carry on his folding bike. (Perhaps they thought their ferry couldn't cope with the extra loading?)

Officials to ride bikes to help w pollution in Jakarta

Can but dream of this in Hong Kong!

City officials in South Jakarta must now cycle when performing their duties, in a move to help combat pollution and global warming, an official said Wednesday.

They can own a car and drive to work, but they must cycle when travelling to do their work, South Jakarta city spokesman Ahmad Sotar said.

"This is compulsory. Cycling will not only reduce pollution and global warming, but also promote good health," he added.


OSIM 2008 Triathlon in November at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort - youth to beginner to extreme

This Tri has categories for everyone over a two day period.  How unusual to be able to run or bike through Hong Kong Disneyland Resort!

This great sporting event will be held on November 15 and 16 and is open to serious athletes as well as sports enthusiasts and even kids!   Only 
an exclusive 2000 places are available, and every registrant receives a highly-valued race pack