Hong Kong style ecotourism weird n rather sad

Tung Ping Chau is one of my favourite places in Hong Kong. But while I enjoyed the scenery during a recent visit – such as mudstone cliffs and crags, beaches, and quiet hamlets amidst woodland – there was sadness too.             Sadness because the hamlets were too quiet, with the few small stores that usually sold food and drink to visitors all closed. On some buildings and at several sites around the island there were big yellow banners with bold red writing complaining about government actions that had led to stores closing and caused other grievances.

Discover HK Nature booklet

At the end of 2006, the Hong Kong Tourism Board published a booklet I helped with (writing, and contributed some photos). Discover Hong Kong Nature: 84 pages, covering range of places including the Peak, Mai Po Marshes, Tai Long Wan (Sai Kung), Cheung Chau, Peng Chau and Tai O.

Eco-tourism stifled in Hong Kong

This thread discusses the Content article: Eco-tourism">]Ec... stifled in Hong Kong AFP story on messy state of HK eco-tourism:[sadly, no longer found]  (Omits mention of daft regulations - maybe too complex; first para not quite right; but perhaps the article's food for thought.

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