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HK Great Outdoors map

Here's a map with clickable links to info on some of the best places in wild Hong Kong, which were featured in Hong Kong's Great Outdoors  (copies no longer available). For six places, there are short itineraries; for the rest you'll find links to articles on this site and elsewhere on the web.

hong kong great outdoors mapCheung Chau hong kong island big wave bay po toi island tung lung chau chi ma wan peng chau mui wo sunset peak pui o cheung sha soko islands southwest lantau tai o ngong ping lantau island chinese white dolphin lamma island pokfulam reservoir black kite roost jardine's lookout mount butler victoria peak kowloon park inner deep bay mai po marshes hong kong wetland park long valley luk keng bride's pool and mirror pool kadoorie farm tai mo shan shing mun reservoir ng tung chai tai po kau forest reserve sha lo tung tai mei tuk shuen wan hoi ha wan sharp peak tai long wan sai kung high island reservoir pak a sha kiu sai kung ma on shan sham chung cheung sheung lion rock bluff island dragon's back shek o new territories ninepins tung ping chau

By moving the mouse around on this map, you should find you links to pages with text from the printed map, as well as links to further information. There's further help with navigation via menus on the right.

UK study finds "nature deficit" in kids

A UK study says that "a perception among some adults that nature is dangerous or dirty could be holding children back." (Oddly, the effect is worse in the countryside than cities.  Go figure.)

In Hong Kong, parents, schools and 'society' routinely frighten kids into avoiding anything that doesn't come in packet from a supermarket - scared of butterflies, unwilling to sit - or even walk - on the grass.

What to do?




History of Hong Kong fauna 1841-1941: Information needed.

I wonder if anyone can help? I am investigating reports relating to the history of Hong Kong wildlife in old English language newspapers and books between 1841 and 1941 with Jon Downes of the Centre for Fortean Zoology based in Devon, U.K. We have been looking through issues of the South China Morning Post,for example from about 1910 onwards and The Hong Kong Kong Naturalist  since the early 1990s onwards and hope to publish our research in the form of a book  on Hong Kong`s fauna by the end of 2012.

HKU Climate Workshop

Back from Day 2 (of 2) of the workshop at the University of Hong Kong - and, for me, a marked improvement on yesterday afternoon, when I thought we mostly got lost in the models.

Some good info today; inc on actual impacts - such as on ecosystems; also guff from the past, and info on changing climate in Hong Kong.