Incineration to efficiently produce energy from waste a fantasy

Energy from waste: sounds good, but in reality just a pipe dream.
'In its conclusion, the study finds that: “This review has shown that when appropriate system boundaries are applied, a pyrolysis plant for self-sustaining EfW is thermodynamically unproven, practically implausible, and environmentally unsound…
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Waste incinerator ash contaminates food chain

Hong Kong Environmental "Protection" Dept has downplayed risks with waste incineration, in its zeal to build Shek Kwu Chau "IWMF" [Integrated Waste Management Facility - a fancy term for a giant bonfire of rubbis]

Damning report on issues with incinerator ash:



Incinerator protests in China including Shenzhen

As China’s economy has boomed in recent decades, the amount of garbage and solid waste generated in the country has soared from roughly 30 million tons in 1980 to 200 million tons today, most of it winding up in ill-tended landfills around major cities. Those landfills are at or near capacity, spawning illegal waste dumping and burning. The World Bank estimates that by 2025, China’s solid waste generation will double to more than 500 million tons annually.


China waste incinerator plan called off

Authorities in eastern China have halted plans to build a trash incinerator after rowdy street protests by residents and the arrests of two women. The Haiyan county government in Zhejiang province said in a statement Friday that hundreds of residents began to gather illegally Wednesday and blocked roads. Tthe demonstration escalated on Thursday evening when the mob attacked a local government building, smashing objects and causing injuries to police officer and bystanders, it said.
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Legco presentation inc disinformation on incinerator and landfills

Presentation I gave to to Legco Panel on Env Affairs today, re incinerator and landfill extensions:

It’s over three years since I became involved in opposing the Shek Kwu Chau incinerator.
First because of the location being beautiful and home to wildlife including endangered finless porpoises.

But over time, opposing incineration anywhere in Hong Kong because of the poison emissions, toxic ash, expense, and sheer wastefulness.

There has been considerable disinformation.

Green Island Cement vs EPD straw men arguments on eco-co-combustion

Letter in today's S China Morning Post:

No technical feasibility and reliability issues in Green Island Cement's waste plan

I refer to the letter by Elvis W. K. Au, assistant director of environmental protection ("Cement plan not yet viable refuse solution [1]", August 16).
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