UK study finds "nature deficit" in kids

A UK study says that "a perception among some adults that nature is dangerous or dirty could be holding children back." (Oddly, the effect is worse in the countryside than cities.  Go figure.)

In Hong Kong, parents, schools and 'society' routinely frighten kids into avoiding anything that doesn't come in packet from a supermarket - scared of butterflies, unwilling to sit - or even walk - on the grass.

What to do?



HK Tourism Forum 2004

Just back from the 3rd Hong Kong Tourism Symposium: Quality and Diversity,including a session focusing on services; another on tourism from mainland China, and one that (supposedly!) focused on diversity - including niche products and new attractions. After earning of this at the last minute, I went along, missing the intro speeches and joining the diversity session, along with a few others who are working on nature/cultural tourism in Hong Kong.