Smog formation possible in Hong Kong

at least one recent scientific study has shown that the city can, under the right conditions, “form its own smog”.

The study by Hong Kong and Macau air scientists argued that a rapid build-up of particulate matter in the air – a key component of smog – was possible even in the absence of northerly winds that can transport pollutants from afar.


Deposits for plastic bottles needed in Hong Kong

Deposits on plastic bottles may seem a jolly nice idea to many of us - could make a huge difference in Hong Kong, where we buy and throw away maybe 10 million bottles per day - close to 4 billion per year!

There's currently a petition where you can support this [also for tetra paks etc]: http://www.supporthk.org/en/petition/implement-laws-refundable-deposit-a...


The Aquatic Beauty of Hong Kong Photography Submission


Although I'm new here, there's a book project they may be interesting. I've copied the text of the flyer below. (Yes, I am currently interning with Project Kaisei, so if I sound like I'm advertising, I apologize.)

HK and Guangdong nearing air quality targets coughcoughretch

Looking at the foul murky air outside, and wondering what it's doing to our lungs, seems bizarre to read China Daily article on Guangdong and Hong Kong scoring successes in tackling air pollution. This includes:
Environmental protection officials in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and neighboring Guangdong Province said on Monday they are confident of achieving their targets to reduce air pollution by 55 percent from 1997 levels within the next three years.

Airborne particulates in Hong Kong - health risks

Airborne particulates have been in the news in Hong Kong again, as the air is so thick with them that even clear skies are whitish rather than blue (hah! - so much for the government's Action Blue Sky Campaign - launched w fanfare; seems to have vanished amidst the smog); and HK Chief Executive Donald Tsang expressed the view that while they do impact visibility, the particulates may not affect human health!


Hong Kong suffers Chronic Air Pollution

Is Hong Kong too complacent regarding air pollution? Will pollution levels be tolerated in the interests of economic necessity or are its health impacts currently too ‘trivial’ or distant to warrant any July 1st demonstrations in Central?