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Dioxins etc from a modern incinerator

Brussels, 28/11/18
Zero Waste Europe released today a new case study on the Reststoffen Energie Centrale (REC) in the Netherlands, revealing how even state of the art incinerators emit dangerous pollutants far beyond EU toxic emissions limits.
The study run by ToxicoWatch [1] shows emissions of dioxin, furans and persistent toxic pollutants in breach of EU air pollution limits. These excess emissions are not exceptional, and rather constitute a regular feature for the plant.

Shek Kwu Chau in China Daily video

As this video by Doug Meigs of China Daily notes, few Hong Kong people can visit Shek Kwu Chau.
But as you can see here, it's a superb little island; and crazy place for planning mega waste incinerator.
Deserves protection, with marine park around island and to Sokos.

為什麼石鼓洲不可有焚化爐簡要 Shek Kwu Chau Incinerator Island wrong because

It’s the slowest, most environmentally destructive and most expensive option.

Will cause permanent destruction of and damage to best fishing ground near Cheung Chau

Location is not suited to a large-scale, complicated industrial process: this will be among the world’s largest waste incinerators, needs extreme care to ensure that emissions are not harmful to health, including causing cancers

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