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Developers versus rural areas inc Tai Long Wan

I was among people who emailed the government, in response to preparations for development at Sai Wan, Tai Long Wan.

Developers damaging areas that are within yet technically excluded from country parks is hardly a new issue; development was earlier prevented at Sha Lo Tung (long running saga there!), and at Ham Tin, Tai Long Wan, and damaged places include Sham Cheung on south shore of Tolo Harbour. Now, however, the issue is more in the spotlight, and South China Morning Post has been active, including with list of areas that have been bought by developers.

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Tai Long Wan outings

Though it takes some effort to reach, Tai Long Wan (Big Wave Bay) on the eastern Sai Kung Peninsula is set in perhaps the most beautiful scenery in Hong Kong. There are three beaches between headlands that sweep up to hills and ridges, old villages amidst abandoned farmland, a network of trails, and small restaurants catering mainly to hikers.