Typhoon Usagi towards Hong Kong as earth's strongest storm of 2013

After some remarkably consistent forecasts for a powerful typhoon hitting Hong Kong or very close by - including from ECMWF computer model - Super Typoon Usagi is now nearing Luzon strait, south of Taiwan, and indeed looks set to come very close indeed.
If it passes over land, a little to north of us, surely won't be severe impact. [This is what happened; HK had a lucky escape!]
Otherwise, even if eye passes somewhat to south, highly threatening.


Typhoon Utor waves pound Cheung Chau in Hong Kong

Typhoon Utor headed from Luzon to west Guangdong, making landfall during afternoon 14 August 2013. Led to issuing of Number 8 signal; winds at low altitudes were strongest at Cheung Chau [nearer the storm], with several hours around gale force, n reaching storm force, on 14 August.

I took some photos n videos during afternoon of 13 August and morning of 14th:

utor windsurfer


Scenes from Cheung Chau, Hong Kong, as Typhoon Koppu approached and passed Hong Kong

Typhoon Koppu passed Hong Kong over 14-15 September 2009; came within around 120km (to southwest) overnight. Major thunderstorm the evening before - see this video. In post below this, there is video from Cheung Chau, on 14th and 15th.

It was very hot on 13 September - to 34.5C on Cheung Chau; after hot few days following Hong Kong's hottest August since 1963. With a tropical storm forming near Luzon, and headed towards Guangdong, seemed thunderstorms were likely. Even so, this storm was remarkably severe - for amounts of lightning, and tremendous thunderclaps. Phew!


Tropical Cyclone Molave aims for Hong Kong

Tropical depression Molave has strengthened to become a typhoon (as I edit at noon on 17 July, around 350km ese of HK), and now on course towards Hong Kong. Looks set to hit early on 18 July.[Note on 19 July: it passed just to north of HK, across Shenzhen.]