water pollution

Deposits for plastic bottles needed in Hong Kong

Deposits on plastic bottles may seem a jolly nice idea to many of us - could make a huge difference in Hong Kong, where we buy and throw away maybe 10 million bottles per day - close to 4 billion per year!

There's currently a petition where you can support this [also for tetra paks etc]: http://www.supporthk.org/en/petition/implement-laws-refundable-deposit-a...


The Aquatic Beauty of Hong Kong Photography Submission


Although I'm new here, there's a book project they may be interesting. I've copied the text of the flyer below. (Yes, I am currently interning with Project Kaisei, so if I sound like I'm advertising, I apologize.)

Pollution in our waters

What a fantastic weekend ! The visability was so good the Chinese islands to the East near Daya Bay seamed like a stones throw away. 45km + It is a shame we cannot say the same about the sea condition. I was guiding a group of tourist. We kayaked and explored the islands and waters south of High island reservoir. They thought the day was just great but I was umbarrassed due to the floating debris which was noticable every 5 meters. At one point my support boat was brought to a stand still by yet another rice bag.

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