Buying binoculars

Here's short info I sent someone asking for advice on buying binoculars in Hong Kong:
Well, I'm a birder, but rather rarely buy binoculars - my Leicas now maybe 15 years old (not sure)! [Since I wrote this, I lost the binoculars; bought another pair of Leicas - after, happily, receiving insurance.

Best are from Leica, Swarovski, maybe Nikon, Zeiss. Depends partly on "feel" of them when telling between these I think - all should be optically superb, and well built so can last a long time.

But, that's a lot of dough to shell out for a present; and there are good cheaper bins. Rather older model of Swarovski, say; lately seen pair by Olympus that look very nice.

Whatever price range you choose, 8x40 or 10x40 or so maybe best, with latter more if for a guy (bit more strength maybe helping hold steady)

Can go lower budget; but even so, I'd avoid the mini binoculars - v poor field of view, so can be hard to find anything, plus maybe poor in low light. (Just looked thro mini pair of Bausch and Lomb [at least, supposedly] - had cost HK$250 or 350, and excellent for that price; not sure of shop, but Ap Liu Street in Prince Edward the kind of place for cheaper bins like this I think - also get things like telescopes, tripods, made in China and these days can be decent)

Woods in TST has been popular with birders buying optics, but seems smaller these days.
Maybe try Photo Scientific in Stanley St, Central - I use for camera gear, but advice sound, and they also have some bins.

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