HK Mountain Biking

Due to the HK Mountain Bike Association several trails have been opened to the public.

We do have some excellent trails in Hong Kong, in every corner of the territory. Please check the HKMBA site for maps and details. 

Most of the trails in Hong Kong are single track, fairly rocky and short compared to other countries, but once out you just would not believe you were mountain biking in one of the most populated cities in the world.

Two of the best areas to ride are in the Sai Kung and Tai Lam Chung Country Parks. Thes offer remote rural trails and ocean vistas and stunning green forest mountain sides.

The trail near Hoi Ha village is great for beginners as there are some good paths to ride before hiting the rough stuff. It has a combination of terrain in which you can warm up and get used to your bike before venturing out to more demanding tracks of the Wan Tsai headland. Hoi Ha is ideal for learning offroad techniques, training for cross country racing and muli-sport events.

Warm up trail 1 hour - rural paving / interesting villages.

Wan Tsai track 1 to 2 hours depending on stops (great views of mainland China) - dirt trail, grass, rocks and gravel.

If you are a more advanced rider then take a trip to Tai Lam Chung which is situated almost in the centre of the territory. The loop is about 3 to 4 hours if you stop a few times, or a 2 hour non-stop blast !

This route has it all: tree lined tracks, downhills, drop offs, contours, tree roots, stream crossings and uphills. It's situated west of Tai Mo Shan, at 957m Hong Kong highest peak.

Lantau Island has the Chi Ma Wan peninsula trail which is a fantastic ride and a great day out.

As with any outdoor activity correct planning and equipment is required to maximize safety and to get the most of your trip.

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