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cyclingI've tried renting bikes for riding around in Hong Kong - including on Lantau and Cheung Chau, and at Tai Mei Tuk in the New Territories - and I've been well impressed with the quality of the bikes, and the rental charges, which so far in the range HK$20-30 for a day per bike (maybe a little extra if also rent a lock; you should probably bring your own helmet).

There aren't many places you can do this (see comments for fuller list); those I know of are:

Cheung Chau (including a place a little left of the ferry pier as you arrive). This is hardly the best place for cycling - as there's a relative dearth of easily cycled roads, the most popular being alongside the harbour to the southeast of the island, as well as north along the harbour and then a beach to the northeast coast. But if you just want a relaxing ride, or you're game for a few low hills and perhaps even carrying the bike up or down some flights of stairs, it's a fun place.

Better still, I think: hire a bike on Cheung Chau, and take it on the ferry to Chi Ma Wan on Lantau. From here, you can readily ride (and walk, if you're not good uphill!) over to Pui O, maybe following paths through the water buffalo fields (the buffalo look imposing, but are well used to people), before joining the main road along Lantau's southern coast.

Mui Wo (Silvermine Bay) on Lantau also has bikes for hire, including from Friendly Bicycle Shop, on the waterfront left of the ferry (past the China Bear). Contact: 2984 2278; as well as the $30 a day ordinary bikes, they also have good mountain bikes at $150 per day. 

You can potter around the paths and small roads along and behind Silvermine Beach: there are small houses set amongst fields, and if you head to the northwest of the Mui Wo basin, you should find the Silvermine Waterfall. There's a steep path up beside this; beyond a more level concrete path wends along a valley, into the hills, and is interesting for exploring (as far as the next steep uphill stretch, anyway!)

To head west from Mui Wo, you'll have to go up and over a hill, then through Pui O, following the road that switchbacks along Lantau's southern coast. The scenery is rural; a highlight is the stretch above Cheung Sha Beach, where it's perhaps tempting to stop for food at a beachside restaurant such as The Stoep.

tai mei tuk sunsetTai Mei Tuk in the northeast New Territories boasts several cycle-hire places; it seems competition is fierce (I was told prices are down from HK$100/day a year or two ago; to HK$20/day, or even HK$5/day for kids' bikes). (Many people hire bikes in Tai Po Market, then ride to Tai Mei Tuk; I think it may be best to ride a bus to Tai Mei Tuk, saving your energy for cycling through the best scenery.)

You could likely cycle southeast, along the dam of Plover Cove Reservoir - should be a pretty easy route. But, it's perhaps most interesting to head northeast.

There's a low hill, then a smooth stretch alongside the Plover Cove Reservoir. When I tried this route, I stopped off at Chung Mei, where the main stream enters the reservoir; then cycled uphill till another stop near Bride's Pool Waterfall, and continuing to Wu Kau Tang, for a stream side stroll to the top of Mirror Pool Waterfall. That day, the sky was simply glorious; and what a sunset! 

If you're interested in mountain biking: there are rather few trails where this is permitted in country parks, and you need a permit - for info, see Mountain Biking Activities; also the Hong Kong Mountain Bike Association.



I bought bicycles for my primary schooler children. Where could my children enjoy riding their bikes? What parks in Hong Kong island provide facilities for kiddie biking? Please advice. Thanks.

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aha, don't know re such parks!

Maybe try taking on a slow (ordinary ferry) to Cheung Chau, say.


There is a cycle park in near Tai Shui Hang. Cycling past there I have noticed that there there is a small closed circuit for people to learn. I would recommend going there in the morning in order to avoid the crowds and reckless riding by some.

These places will rent bikes (and if they don't any more, please post here!):

New World Bicycle Co, Carpenter Rd, Kowloon City, 2382 0618
Chat Kee Bicycle Co, 185 Wanchai Road, Wan Chai, 2573 2620

New Wah Nam Cycle Co, Holford Gdn Coml Complex, Sha Tin, 2601 4105
Shun Lee Bicycle Company, No. 2A, Lucky Plaza Commercial Complex, Sha Tin , 2695 7195
Tokyo City Bicycles Co, Kam Cheong Bldg, Sha Tin, 2699 6697
Wood Lik Bicycle Gdn, Shatin Bicycle Gdn, Sha Tin, 2699 2561
Leung Yat Kwo, Tai Shui Hang, Ma On Shan, 2697 8721
Asia Sport Cycle Co, Tai Po, 2605 3928
Yip Fung Kwan, 58 Yan Hing St, Tai Po, 2652 0995
Wong Kin Ming James, Tai Mei Tuk Tsuen, Tai Po, 2662 6292
Lung Kee Bicycle Company, Tai Mei Tuk, 2662 5266
Mountain Bike Shop, 110 Ma Wan Chung Estate/Village Tung Chung, 2988 8511, 9237 0908 / 9429 8766

Shun Lee Tuen Mun Bicycle Co, Fu Loy Gdn Coml Complex, Yuen Long
    OR Ft. 7, G/F, Palm Centre, 17 Tak Ching Circuit, Tuen Mun, 2457 8390

Friendly Bicycle shop, Harbour View Mansion, Mui Wo, 2984 2278
Yin Hop Co, 16 Wing On St, Peng Chau, 2983 0186


i've found a very cheap bike rental place just a mins walk from tai shui hang station
"B exit",theres a sign to follow just outside the exit.
place call "bicycle's journey" and they do HK$10/day,bikes are brand new too!

I just came back visiting relative in Tsuen Mun and taken some photos with Google Map links.
Along Tsuen Mun River and further afield there are plenty of dedicated cycle path painted red in color.
Some parts are as wide as a 2 lanes road. I am pleasantly surprise at the commitment of the government
to promoting cycling. Here is the photo album.

Anyone have contact number for the rent-a-bike shop for cycling in the trail opposite to the ICC? many thanks JC

Sha tin Sing Mun River

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Well, might be good for kids - though not on HK Island, and if you're heading from HK Island to some place to cycle I think you can do better than this: Cheung Chau, say, though gets busy on weekends and public holidays (I live here, and cycle at times).

Do such facilities also provide helmets? We are looking to go to Cheung Chau for the afternoon and rent bikes and ride around there with a 6 & 7 year old. I tried calling and asking but we could not seem to communicate about this.
Thanks for your help.

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On Cheung Chau, at least, I believe there aren't helmets to rent with the bikes: so bring your own.

Friendly Bike Shop, on above list, sells helmets thought I don't know if rents them.

We also provide bike rental. Please add our following details to your list!

Beverly Cycle Co, Tseung Kwan O, N.T., 2217 7313

Thanks a lot!

Cookie Kwong

so happy to hear there is a bike rental place in po lam!

can you advise on the expected cost of hire?

i will definitely be visiting your shop sometime soon

Here is a nice map with bicycle rentals in Hong Kong香港單車舖地圖.html

the map misses in my browser so you may have to navigate to find hong kong.

Great site!

Do you know what time the bike rental shops typically open?


hi, jsut came across your question. we went to the bike rental shop in Tai Po - we got there around nine thirty and it was open. Have fun!

Does anyone know if these rental places have seats for children 7 months old?
Like seats that trail behind the bike or are in front or back of biker?

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I haven't noticed child seats on rental bikes; maybe could ask store if they can fit one.

But also, perhaps use not allowed in Hong Kong, even though commonplace (with bikes people own) in at least some areas.

A good place for kids to ride on HK Island is on Bowen Road. There are some metered car parks outside Bowen Park and from there you can ride on Bowen Road leading to Stubbs Road. There is no traffic on that road (path) - oly joggers and dog walkers.

They definitely have child seats for children 3 and up. For babies under 12 months I think they must require special types of seats & I don't think they would have them

It can get quite humid on the mountain tops of Hong kong, so other than bringing enough water, I would suggest wearing comfortable shoes and tops. Tops that can absorb sweat easily would be best. Other than this advice, I would also ask you to thoroughly enjoy the view. Sunsets can be very breathtaking on some of the hills, if you have a chance to ride by them .


I like cycling through the hilly areas of Hong Kong. The drops in height are fun and some of the scenery at the top is simply breathtaking. As usual, due to the abundance of food stalls on the way, one might be tempted to stop for a treat. It would take quite a strong will power to resist the smells. Hong Kong is not only a great place for brand shopping, but if you took the time to explore, you will find great places to cycle as well.

Louis -

I am planning a day where kids can ride their bikes at Science Park. I would like to hire some adult bikes for the day but which is the closest shop that I can go to hire bikes for the day? Planning to go on 1 Oct on public holiday. Can anyone help please. Thanks.

Cyclesport is a bike rental shop at Tai Wai, with various type of bike. Rate start from $25 per day.

Check out for quality road bike rental including helmet and ride leaders to take you for a great coffee ride. 40km to 100kms. 

[a whole lot more than just renting a bike from a store in Hong Kong! - but up to you: Martin]

Mkeebike is a bike rental shop at Tai Wai, with various type of bike. Rate start from $50 per day.

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Thanks for this info re Tai Wai!

Hope to do some bicycling when I visit in November.

1. Do you recommend a lock or is theft not a concern? I wouldn't want to be left walking at Mirror Pool Waterfall. 

2. How do the rental shops deal with stolen bicycles? 


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Sorry, very late seeing your post; too many comments lately are just spam.

I'd recommend lock; or well hidden bike!

Long time since I rented for Mirror Pool area; but believe they do have locks. Not sure how they deal with thefts; I don't think it's a massive issue for rented bikes, esp if leaving somewhere like Mirror Pool.

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