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About HK Outdoors

Hong Kong Outdoors was founded by writer, photographer and wildlife enthusiast Dr Martin Williams, to celebrate this many-splendoured place: as well as enjoying the city, you can discover rugged hills, hiking trails criss-crossing country parks, an internationally renowned wetland, waterfalls in secluded ravines, fine places to eat in gorgeous surroundings, islands set in the South China Sea...

The 8 June 2008 issue of South China Morning Post magazine ranked Hong Kong Outdoors among the 20 local websites.

Linking to HK Outdoors

Especially if you have a site related to Hong Kong/the natural world, a link to Hong Kong Outdoors would be very welcome.

If your site is relevant, I'd be happy to link back. Please email me if you're interested, via the contact form.


Welcome to Hong Kong Outdoors - the premier website on nature tourism in the territory, ranked among the top 20 local websites by South China Morning Post magazine.