Sai Kung Minibus

New and convenient minibus service from Wanchai to Sai Kung, Hong Kong

For those who live in Sai Kung and need to get to work early in the morning or those who wish to visit the bustling town for an evening meal or honeymoon dessert can now jump on a RED minibus and be at their destination in approximately 45 minutes (traffic dependent).

The minibus has no number (just a sign saying Wanchai/Sai Kung on the front) and departs from Sai Kung every morning between 07.00 and 10.00 from outside the main stadium. The route takes you through the Western Harbour Tunnel and into Central (where you can hop off) and then onto Wanchai. Cost HK$20.

In the evening the minibus departs from opposite the fire station on Henessy Road, next to the flyover (near Causeway Bay MTR station). It leaves when full from between 18.30 and 01.30am. Cost $18. The route takes you through the Central Tunnel.

For much of the day, though, perhaps the most convenient way to Sai Kung from Hong Kong Island is to take the MTR to Hang Hau, then a minibus.



Does this service run at other times or only at the times mentioned?

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Sorry, I haven't taken this minibus for some time. Think it has remained pretty much the same schedule. MTR to Hang Hau, then minibus, might be better bet.

may i know where in wanchai it stops in the morning?

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