Sea Kayaking Hong Kong

Sea Kayaking Hong Kong’s Jade waters (especially Sai Kung)

In the East of the territory, including Sai Kung, you will find clean, clear, jade seas, due to the deep waters, currents oceanic influences from Japan and Taiwan. This is very different to the waters to the west!


The geology of the Sai Kung area is astounding and ideal for sea kayaking, exploring and snorkeling.


This area, as much of Hong Kong, was volcanically formed. The Sai Kung caldera is a collapsed volcano - one of three in H.K.


Cooling volcanic ash formed hexagonal columnar joints over 140 million years ago. Then millions of years of weathering have shaped these formations resulting in fantastic sea caves and sea arches. These can be seen and experienced whilst paddling around the many islands to the south of Sai Kung. 

These islands with their sea caves, arches and heavily eroded cliffs make ideal places for Reef Heron, Black Kites, and the rare White Bellied Sea Eagle to frequent.

There are just over 20 white sand beaches dotted about Sai Kung’s coastline, which is approximately 90 km long if you were to paddle along its shoreline. All are stunning and not accessible by road - only by kayaking or hiking. These beaches and coves make for great put-in places for overnight camping expeditions in the autumn and winter months.

An outdoor adventurer from Canada visited this area; click here to find out more and take a look at his photos.


As with any outdoor activity correct planning and equipment is required to maximize on safety and to get the most of your trip.


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