Hong Kong Earth Champions Community Day

Opportunity for Hong Kong people to meet their Earth Champions on their Community Day

[Press release from Earth Champions Foundation]

The Earth Champions Foundation is delighted to announce it is hosting a Community Day this coming weekend. The Community Day is the exciting second phase of the Hong Kong Earth Champions Quest. It will take place on the 7th of December from 11:00am to 3:00pm at the Cyberport Podium (roof garden).

Earth Champions are people who have been nominated by their local community for making a positive difference to their environment. Once nominated, they are judged by a panel of experts and presented with awards of thanks and recognition at a Celebration ceremony.
The purpose of the Hong Kong Earth Champions Quest is to inspire hope especially in young people for how to tackle climate change. Hong Kong’s Earth Champions come from all walks of HK life, they are outstanding schools, businesses and everyday people who Champion the Earth.
The Community Day will consist of a four hour exhibition, with the work of the Hong Kong’s Earth Champion’s displayed for all to see.
As the public sit and enjoy the Garden on Sunday, they will have the opportunity to meet their Earth Champion’s and view some of the inspiring work they are doing to overcome local environmental issues.
During the event world music will be played and speeches will be given.
We have chosen the Cyberport Podium (roof garden) as our venue because it is a natural setting for our event since it is a beautiful green space to which people and young families naturally gravitate to during the weekends. Encouraging people, communities and businesses to grow roof gardens is a key component of the global conservation movement as it one of the many simple and brilliant ways we can help clean up our air. 
We hope you will be able to join us next Sunday bring a picnic and come and meet some of Hong Kong’s Earth Champions and view the vital and courageous work being done by this city’s unsung heroes.

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