Bamboo Pit Viper on Hong Kong Trail near Wanchia Gap Road.

Just sharing some great pics a friend took on the HK trail 4 nights ago.  Nearly stepped on this fully grown Bambo Pit viper... near Phase 2 of the HK trail... around 10pm.

Pics taken with a mobile phone, trying to upload multiple images but don't know if the program will let me.

Best to watch were you step at night in these hills.....

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Good pictures.


I recently saw a Bamboo pit viper on TaiMoShan- quite near the top on open ground well away from woodland.  Checked from pictures that it could not be anything else - not a keelback this time.  Some of the group suggested killing it but we dissuaded them, the snake was threatening no one out there - but might have been dinner for Kite soon ?