Spiders webs and nests?

Today I found the most intricate web which seems to possibly be the entrance to an under ground nest. Size: you could place a large dinner plate over the whole thing. It is on the sloping ground, and it has the most amazing 'tube' entrance- about the diameter of a $2 coin, which extends from the exterior all the way into the interior. Quite an amazing piece of architecture. I have not seen the inhabitant.
Does anyone know what the builder might be? I am not sure a photo will do it justice?

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I know v little of spiders, but take note if see big ones - was once bitten by spider lurking within a bamboo pole.

Can't remember seeing web like this; reminds me of funnelwebs of Australia (not that I've seen one of those).

Googling a little, maybe this is of interest, tho might not fit yours: Hong Kong Tarantula.

The use of 'tube web' in those accounts - seem to fit what I have seen. Very impressive piece of engineering! As yet - no spider has been seen! I shall try to get a photo.

Hi Martin - how do I upload a photo?

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Ah, now that may not be so easy right now; was fine for some time, then I changed software (mainly upgrading), and can't remember right now - not real easily anyway.

Just upgraded your account a bit, so you can do a little more; can't remember if includes adding images.

Yes, should be standard; I'll have another look when more time, tho might not be real quick.