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Key reserve in the Deep Bay wetland, managed by the World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong. Managed ponds, reedbeds and rows of trees hold wide variety of bird species, but main bird flocks usually best seen from Boardwalk hides overlooking mudflats (when conditions including tide are right). Visitors need permits; contact WWF Hong Kong, tel. 2526 4473.

Visitors need permits; there are escorted tours, but maybe visit individually for best birding. Contact WWF Hong Kong, tel. 2526 4473. West Rail to Kam Sheung Road Station, then taxi.

Mai Po Marshes articles/photo albums on this site

Birding at Mai Po Marshes gives an introduction to birdwatching here, with seasonal changes and some of main species.

Mai Po Marshes articles/photos elsewhere on the Internet

Mai Po on the World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong site is a page with an overview, links to more info on the site. 

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