Map Launch Ceremony

Today had launch ceremony for the Hong Kong’s Great Outdoors map, in Business Environment Council hq (Jockey Club Environmental Building). To me, after working on the map, finding it grind to a halt, looking at times perhaps unlikely to be ever published, this was a relatively grand event – plus, could think, At last, the map’s published – and something to be proud of.

Ms Katy Lam, Deputy-Chair and Executive Committee Member, Business Environment Council, started things off with an introductory speech.

Then, the guest speaker, Ms Maisie Cheng, Deputy Commissioner for Tourism, Tourism Commission (speaking in the photo here).She spoke of the map – had been to 26 of the 55 sites – then some guff re tourism and "ecotourism" in Hong Kong. 

Maisie mentioned a couple of "ecotourism" projects – the HK Wetland Park and Ngong Ping 360, which surely aren’t really ecotourism projects at all. But, no chance to quibble here, for soon after her speech she whizzed off; no one from Tourism Commission lingered for later discussion re future of the former Sustainable Tourism Taskforce (now, for time being anyway, the Coalition on Sustainable Tourism).

On to a talk by CoST acting chair Paul Zimmermann, who gave brief overviews of the coalition’s efforts/goals (from guide licensing issues to assessing caacity etc), and of the map.


Then, various luminaries inc me put four jigsaw pieces representing different aspects of sustainable tourism onto the big poster about the map launch (I’m on right here, with Jan Chan, publisher of HK Discovery).

And then, a photo opportunity for luminaries.

Now, I wonder, will  any of this make  the media?
Plus: will the map itself be sustainable? It’s free, paid for by sponsorship but with no money remaining in the kitty; so will more sponsorship be forthcoming should there be a need for reprinting? I hope so, but we’ll see.

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