"We're Screwed" yells US tabloid, as climate collapses

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"We're Screwed" yells US tabloid, as climate collapses

"We're Screwed" yells US tabloid, as climate collapses

A recent 'New York Post' takes on climate change in true tabloid style, from the screaming headline, local politics and bad puns, to celebrity gossip and sports news. It may not be 'the real thing' but the climate facts here are truly mind-boggling.

Check it out:  http://nypost-se.com/

(and some of the threaded follow-ups are as good as the original articles)

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US Chamber about turn re climate change - Not!

Also good:

[quote]The press conference at the National Press Club, ostensibly called by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, was packed with reporters—and the message was stunning. Purporting to speak for Chamber President Thomas J. Donohue was a guy introduced as “Hingo Sembra.” In the wake of high profile defections of companies from the Chamber over the Chamber’s opposition to climate change legislation, “Sembra” said, the Chamber had decided to do an about-face and back the bill. “Without a stable climate, there will be no business,” he explained. “The Chamber believes that if we do not help to prepare a strong climate bill for the President, we will face a new foreclosure crisis, due once again to the shortsightedness of a few.”

“Sembra” went on to hold a Q&A session, elaborating on the Chamber’s purported new position. But suddenly, Eric Wohlschlegel, the Chamber’s real press person, burst in through the back door of the Press Club’s Zenger Room. “This press conference is a hoax,” he said. “I don’t know who these people are, but they don’t represent the Chamber!”[/quote]

Climate Change Hoax: The Fake U.S. Chamber About-Face


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